Dru Mayer

Project Description

Dru Mayer is a Maltese self taught percussionist, who has been performing with various artists for several years. His style is versatile and adapts to most types of music, including tribal/world music, acoustic, metal and rock as well as house, dance, electro music and any sorts of experimental music/projects.

The weirder the music is, the better it will sound.

The list of instruments Dru performs with is a showcase of his versatility … this include pieces from a standard drum kit such as floor tom, snare drum, various cymbals (including a Paiste rack full of cymbals and gongs), to darabuka, djembe, congas, bongos, cajon, musical saw, udu and last but not least … various hand percussions and unique sound effects from around the world which produce a variety of sounds and effects which help to make Dru’s style unique.

In Dru’s own words … everything around us is an instrument, where anything can be used to produce different sounds … it is up to you to find what works best with what.

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